Paid ¥7800 for one cushion

27 Oct

I bought a cushion yesterday.

It’s not just a cushion.

This is a massage cushion.
It’s cute for a massage machine, isn’t it?

You can see some glowing balls inside the cover.
When you push the button, the balls start moving with a circle.
And when you push the button twice, the lights in the balls turn on and get warm.
It’s can be used on the waist, the calves, the feet and the shoulder.

It is very comfortable!
Moreover, it just looks like a cushion, not a massage machine.
If it had a battery, it would look like a real cushion. You can see a cord in third photo.

I felt really good when I used it yesterday, so I was thinking about using it again all the day.

I missed my station!
It’s because I was writing this and thinking about my cushion in the train. Haha.

Thanks for reading!


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