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Amazing Keyboard

10 Nov

I bought an Apple Wireless Keyboard last Sunday.

I use it with my iPod touch.

Using a keyboard is very fast to type on with an iPod touch and is easier to copy, paste, and select words and so on.


Today, I went to school with it.
I almost forgot bringing this light keyboard.
This wireless keyboard is about 300g.
In many cases, I don’t have to bring my heavy laptop!
(But I have to go to school with my laptop twice a week because of classes.)

Moreover, it’s really easy to change input styles on an iPod touch.
I mean, it’s easy to switch between the English keyboard, the Japanese keyboard, the simplified Chinese keyboard and the traditional Chinese keyboard on it.

I bought it for ¥6800.
I think it isn’t so expensive for an Apple product.

Its keyboard layout is an English keyboard.

As the picture shows, there are no Japanese letters.
I don’t think I need a Japanese keyboard layout because I don’t use Kana input. I use Romaji input.
And I’d like to get used to using an English keyboard.
That’s why, I bought an English keyboard.

Of course, it’s easier to type in English.
For example, I don’t need to push the shift key when I type ‘(a single quote).
From a Japanese keyboard, I need to push Shift-7 in order to type a ‘.

If you have an iPod touch or an iPhone and you often type long text with it, I recommend a wireless keyboard!

Thank you very much for your reading.

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