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a Japanese traditional clothe

19 Feb

Kimono is a Japanese traditional clothe.
Even though Japanese people used to wear them several decades ago, nowadays we hardly wear them.
These days we wear Kimono on special days, like Coming of Age Day, wedding, tea ceremony and so on.
Last year, I wore for the first time a furisode, which is a style of Kimono.

Yukata is more popular.
It is a simpler style of Kimono worn during summer festival or sleeping in the summer.

Today I went to my grandparents’ house with my mother because her Kimono is there.
My mother will wear Kimono next month.
So, she had to check her Kimono which hadn’t been used for a long time.

When she was young, my grand mother often wore Kimono and tailored them, but she doesn’t do that anymore.
Nowadays almost all young people don’t know anything about the way to maintain a Kimono. So do my mother & I.

Kimono is dying out these days.
Will there be a day that nobody wears Kimono anymore?

Do your country have traditional clothe?
If so, have you worn it?