9 Nov

I read a newspaper article that developing nations’ languages are learned by more and more peoples.
According to DILA (a language school’s), the numbers of Portuguese learners has jumped from 9th to 3rd, and Russian learners has surged from 11th to 4th in this decade and the numbers of lecturers ordered by companies or government offices are high too.
The article said that it’s because more and more companies started to aim to expand their sales in developing countries’ markets.

To be honest, I’m really surprised to see that the number of Russian learners is so large.
Although it’s not surprising that more and more people are learning developing countries’ languages, Russian is really unfamiliar to me.
I didn’t know Russian has been gaining a lot of attention.

I think the world is changing too fast.

In addition, I’m a beginner in Chinese even though I startedto study it 3 years ago.
I seldom learned it for 3 years.


Love * Learning Languages ***



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