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My dream as a woman

19 Dec

I’d like to make use of what I have learned and experienced in a future job.
I also hope I can work at a place where women have equal rights.
Even though various situations for women have changed lately, women still have many disadvantages in their careers.
In the my favorite drama, glee, a high-school student named Quinn said that a woman still earned 70 cents to every dollar that a man did for the same job.
I totally agree with the opinion.

Women still have few opportunities for the promotion.
Moreover, they sometimes give it up work when pregnant or to look after their children.
They also have no guarantees that they can be back at work if they get pregnant.
I think it is particularly more prominent in Japan than in other developed countries.

In addition to it, we have an another type of problem.
I’m majoring in engineering, but actually there are few girls majoring in it.
Naturally, there are few women at such fields, for example at development departments of companies or at laboratories.
I think we have to take this problem more seriously.
If more and more women have a place in such fields, the technology might move to a new paradigm.
I feel proud of that I am a woman.

As a woman, I’ll do my best to build my career.
And of course, a job is not all my life.
I hope I can meet someone who spend my life with and I want to enjoy my life.


Oyster Bar

3 Dec

Today I enjoyed the dinner at Oyster Bar with my friend.
It was really wonderful.
We especially like especially RAW oysters.
And We talked about going to Oyster bar again.

I’ve just learned oysters are only in season in the R months, from SeptembeR to ApRil. We were wondering when they are in season. Of course we thought it’s in season in winter, but we weren’t sure.
Besides, in the summer before last, I saw oysters sold in Miyajima in Hiroshima.
They seemed really delicious.
So, can we enjoy oysters in summer, too? lol

Anyway, we had a good time today.
Although the forecaster said it was going to rain today, it didn’t!

By the way, my other friend said that he ate raw oysters in San Francisco.
Is it also popular to eat raw oysters not only for Japanese?
I thought almost all people don’t like eating raw food, like raw fish: such as sushi or sashimi.
Of course I think sushi is popular around the world, but it was strange at first.

How about you?