Climate of Aalborg and Osaka

16 Sep

Here in Aalborg, the temperature is about 10 to 15 degrees.
Although I feel warm in the sunshine, it’s already cold like November in Osaka.
In my hometown, Osaka City, it’s still hot.
The current temperature in Osaka is around 25 to 30 degrees.
When I arrived in Denmark two weeks ago, I was really surprised at its coldness.
It was colder than I expected.
I think it’s because of the time when I arrived. It was almost midnight.

It’s getting colder in Osaka, but it rarely gets below zero unlike Denmark.
The average is around 5 degrees at the coldest times in Osaka, and we have little snow.
On the other hand, it reaches about 36 degrees in August in Osaka.
It’s really hot and humid.
However, I believe that the most uncomfortable month in Osaka (or almost all regions in Japan) is June.
It rains all day and almost every_day in June.
Some of you might know, it’s Tsuyu (梅雨), the rainy season.
However I’m sure that I will miss such a humid season in Osaka if I live for a long time in a cold place like Denmark.

Thanks a lot.


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