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Climate of Aalborg and Osaka

16 Sep

Here in Aalborg, the temperature is about 10 to 15 degrees.
Although I feel warm in the sunshine, it’s already cold like November in Osaka.
In my hometown, Osaka City, it’s still hot.
The current temperature in Osaka is around 25 to 30 degrees.
When I arrived in Denmark two weeks ago, I was really surprised at its coldness.
It was colder than I expected.
I think it’s because of the time when I arrived. It was almost midnight.

It’s getting colder in Osaka, but it rarely gets below zero unlike Denmark.
The average is around 5 degrees at the coldest times in Osaka, and we have little snow.
On the other hand, it reaches about 36 degrees in August in Osaka.
It’s really hot and humid.
However, I believe that the most uncomfortable month in Osaka (or almost all regions in Japan) is June.
It rains all day and almost every_day in June.
Some of you might know, it’s Tsuyu (梅雨), the rainy season.
However I’m sure that I will miss such a humid season in Osaka if I live for a long time in a cold place like Denmark.

Thanks a lot.


Life in Aalborg, Denmark

8 Sep

I’ve been in Aalborg since last week.
I’ll stay and study at an university as a guest student for about three months.
It’s my first time coming to Europe!
My life in Denmark has just started.
In fact, it’s my first time to live alone because students who have good access to their university in Japan usually live with their family and so do I in Japan.
While Danish is the national language, we study and discuss in English at the university.
However, living in Denmark is tougher than expected since I can’t understand Danish at all.
Some words are similar to English, though.
I hope I’ll get used to the life in Denmark soon!

I hope you could tell me about cities in Denmark and nearby countries!
I hope I can go on a trip if I have any chance.
I think I will have few chances to come to Europe again because it’s really far from Japan.

Thank you very much for reading.

I’m melting…

31 Jul

Here in Osaka, it’s very hot every day with the temperature reaching around 35 deg.
It’s getting hotter every year in Japan.
Next Thursday, I’m going to watch a baseball game in a ball park, the Koshien stadium.
In the mornings, cicadas are shrilly singing near my house.
After the sunset, it’s still humid.


Oyster Bar

3 Dec

Today I enjoyed the dinner at Oyster Bar with my friend.
It was really wonderful.
We especially like especially RAW oysters.
And We talked about going to Oyster bar again.

I’ve just learned oysters are only in season in the R months, from SeptembeR to ApRil. We were wondering when they are in season. Of course we thought it’s in season in winter, but we weren’t sure.
Besides, in the summer before last, I saw oysters sold in Miyajima in Hiroshima.
They seemed really delicious.
So, can we enjoy oysters in summer, too? lol

Anyway, we had a good time today.
Although the forecaster said it was going to rain today, it didn’t!

By the way, my other friend said that he ate raw oysters in San Francisco.
Is it also popular to eat raw oysters not only for Japanese?
I thought almost all people don’t like eating raw food, like raw fish: such as sushi or sashimi.
Of course I think sushi is popular around the world, but it was strange at first.

How about you?

Nice interior design and goods

2 Sep

I like reading articles about interior design on the Internet.

I show one of my favorite web sites for interior design.


Since this site is managed by a Japanese company, the products that are introduced are sold in Japan.
Its original site is written in Japanese; here
And almost all goods are linked to online shopping sites.
Some of them are available to ship oversea.

It introduces many kinds of goods which are attractive to me and have good design.

But I haven’t bought anything because many of them are too expensive for me.
I just enjoy searching goods.
But it’s really enjoyable for me:)

One of my favorite items is this glass.
Of course I know it’s not Sakura season now.

And I also reccomend this umbrella.
You can be the center of attention if you bring this! haha.
But maybe you also attract police attention.
Samurai Umbrella

I’d like you to let me know other sites like this!

My favorite baseball player

4 May

Today I went out to see a farm teams’ baseball game between the Tigers and the Buffaloes.
It’s because my favorite player plays there.
I’ve liked him since he was a rookie for the Hanshin Tigers.
He plays for the Buffaloes now.
In the first part of the season, he was a member of the first team.
But he only had few chances to play there and was demoted to the farm soon.

I often go to the first teams’ games.
So this is my first time to go to a farm team’s game.
The stadium has a seating capacity of about 1000.
On the contrary, the main stadium which is for the first teams’ games has a seating capacity of more than 30,000.
In addition, the ticket costs only 500 yen.
But it costs more than 1000 yen to go and back from my home.
If I lived near there, I would go there frequently.

The game was exciting.
My favorite player hit two for three.
He is still a good player even though he’s been laid off 3 times.
Balls batted by younger players seemed to be lazy.
I felt the difference between the first team and the farm team.
I hope he will be promoted to the first team!

We appreciate supports from the whole world!

13 Mar

There has been a huge earthquake in Japan.
When I found that Lang-8 were filled with posts of people worrying about Japan, I felt so touched it almost made me almost cry.
I appreciate your great supports.
I believe all your supports are definitely helpful to Japan!
And I saw in the news that aid organizations arrived in Japan from 6 Countries and a lot of countries started to offer various kinds of supports.

In my city, Osaka, there’s no damage.
But there are still aftershocks in the western part of Japan.
All I can do is that I hope the damage won’t spread.