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TED Talk: Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

10 Jun

TED Talk: Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

In this talk, the speaker talked about the public education system.
(He is brilliant and humorous!)

He believes that public education system around the world is wrong and it deprives children of their creativity.
At school, children are taught knowledge and what is right or wrong.
What they have to do is usually going the right things that they are taught.
It makes them consider making mistakes as shameful things, so they can seldom take the chance to do something creative in such a situation.
He also mentioned that math and languages are considered to be the most important subjects while arts and music are the least important.
There is the same order of priority of subjects in every education system around the world.
There is a consistent order of priority for school subjects in every education system around the world.
He believes we should treat all subjects with the same status, with the same importance.
These are the reasons why he thinks school kill creativity.
In conclusion, he stated that we should rethink the fundamental principles of education.

I totally agree with him.
The Japanese education system is the same as the one he explained.
We are taught what is right or wrong, and we eager to remember what the teachers say and what we’ve learned from textbooks in order to obtain good grades.
As he also mentioned in the talk, the whole system of education is process of university entrance.
As he also mentioned in the talk, the whole education system is a process for university entrance.
Almost all high school students in Japan are studying just to pass the entrance exam, regardless of their interests.
What is worse, passing the entrance exam of university is extraordinarily harder than graduating from university in Japan.
And We are evaluated ourselves by our grades on subjects such as math and languages, not arts and music.
That’s why students regard the subjects not required by universities as less important.

In my case, since history and geography were not included in the entrance exam for my university, I didn’t study these subjects much.
I deeply regret that I didn’t study them.
As adults, we have become unwilling to try new things, or even ask questions, because we’re frightened of failures.
I think it’s because we’ve been taught that making mistakes is wrong and something shameful
In Japan, there are usually no questions raised in classes even though students have a questions.

It’s because they’re embarrassed to speak out in class and afraid of standing out.
The education system should be changed.
But how?
I would like you to share your opinion or the education system in your country.


My dream as a woman

19 Dec

I’d like to make use of what I have learned and experienced in a future job.
I also hope I can work at a place where women have equal rights.
Even though various situations for women have changed lately, women still have many disadvantages in their careers.
In the my favorite drama, glee, a high-school student named Quinn said that a woman still earned 70 cents to every dollar that a man did for the same job.
I totally agree with the opinion.

Women still have few opportunities for the promotion.
Moreover, they sometimes give it up work when pregnant or to look after their children.
They also have no guarantees that they can be back at work if they get pregnant.
I think it is particularly more prominent in Japan than in other developed countries.

In addition to it, we have an another type of problem.
I’m majoring in engineering, but actually there are few girls majoring in it.
Naturally, there are few women at such fields, for example at development departments of companies or at laboratories.
I think we have to take this problem more seriously.
If more and more women have a place in such fields, the technology might move to a new paradigm.
I feel proud of that I am a woman.

As a woman, I’ll do my best to build my career.
And of course, a job is not all my life.
I hope I can meet someone who spend my life with and I want to enjoy my life.

Keep your goals to yourself or not?

17 Sep

I watched this video by Derek Sivers on TED.

TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) is a global set of conferences. You can watch the videos on this site. There are many great speeches. These videos also help me learn English.
Derek Sivers says it’s important to keep goals secret because telling someone our goals makes us feel one step closer to achieving them. He also shows some prooves.

I agree with him and I also disagree with him.
If you have big goals, it’s better to keep your goals to yourself.
I agree to his opinion that telling someone your goals makes you feel one step closer or that they are already becoming part of your identity.
Please imagine that you have a dream of going on a trip around world. When you tell your friends the dream and its details(for example, where you will go, what you will watch and what you will eat and so on), you will feel like you’re already going on a journey.
Therefore I think we should keep goals secret.

On the other hand, I think we should tell goals someone if the goals are not so big.
If you tell goals someone, they’ll watch you.
I think telling goals to someone becomes a kind of stimuli and encourages you.
If you tell your friends that you study everyday, you always think that you should study because you have said so.
It is sort of a promise.

In conclusion, it’s better to keep goals secret if they are big goals.
It’s dififcult to decide which goals are big or not. It’s depend on you.
What do you think?