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Keep your goals to yourself or not?

17 Sep

I watched this video by Derek Sivers on TED.

TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) is a global set of conferences. You can watch the videos on this site. There are many great speeches. These videos also help me learn English.
Derek Sivers says it’s important to keep goals secret because telling someone our goals makes us feel one step closer to achieving them. He also shows some prooves.

I agree with him and I also disagree with him.
If you have big goals, it’s better to keep your goals to yourself.
I agree to his opinion that telling someone your goals makes you feel one step closer or that they are already becoming part of your identity.
Please imagine that you have a dream of going on a trip around world. When you tell your friends the dream and its details(for example, where you will go, what you will watch and what you will eat and so on), you will feel like you’re already going on a journey.
Therefore I think we should keep goals secret.

On the other hand, I think we should tell goals someone if the goals are not so big.
If you tell goals someone, they’ll watch you.
I think telling goals to someone becomes a kind of stimuli and encourages you.
If you tell your friends that you study everyday, you always think that you should study because you have said so.
It is sort of a promise.

In conclusion, it’s better to keep goals secret if they are big goals.
It’s dififcult to decide which goals are big or not. It’s depend on you.
What do you think?